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Common Questions

Does CT Ballooning sell gift certificates?
No, we do not. We don’t believe money should change hands until folks take their flight with us, so if you’d like to give the gift of flight from CT Ballooning to somebody this is what we suggest: make something up on your own to present to the recipient. Then give us a call so we may document your contact information and the recipients name. When the recipient schedules the flight, we’ll then contact you to arrange payment. 

What is the flight like?

A hot air balloon ride is extremely smooth and there is no need to worry about motion sickness, like in a plane or a boat on water.  When a hot air balloon lands, it is normal to experience a bump or series of bumps when the balloon basket touches the ground. How bumpy the landing gets, will depend on the wind speed at touchdown.

Where do we take-off from?
CT Ballooning utilizes multiple launch sites in central Connecticut based on the wind direction to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.  Our primary sites are in Berlin, Farmington & Southington, all conveniently located off highways for easy access.  We’ll advise you of the exact location the night before based on the forecast.

Where do you land?
Since a balloon travels with the wind, we don’t have predetermined landing sites. The pilot uses good judgment in choosing a location large enough to make a safe landing and the chase crew makes all attempts to get permission from the landowner prior to our landing.

How long is the flight?
Your hot air balloon flight is approximately 1 hour in duration.  Your total balloon experience lasts about 3 ½ hours.  This includes the set-up time, the flight itself, packing up the balloon after the flight and then the traditional post-flight toast.

How fast and how high do we fly?
Weather is the determining factor here, but our average flight covers between 3-10 miles. We vary in altitude from a few hundred feet above the ground, to a few thousand feet above the ground. And we change our altitude depending on our flight path and the terrain.

How do we get back?
Our flight team follows the flight path of the balloon and is there for the landing & pack-up.  The location of our post-flight celebration varies but we’ll always return you to your vehicle following your adventure. 
What time do we fly?
CT Ballooning schedules all of its balloon flights for sunrise as this is when the winds are the most calm and the air aloft the most stable.  The actual meeting time varies depending on the time of year but averages to roughly 6:00 a.m..

What do I wear ballooning?
Since the temperature aloft is comparable to the ground temperature, you should dress with the thought of being outdoors for 3-4 hours that day.  Casual, outdoor type of clothing is suggested and since there is frequently dew on the grass in the mornings, waterproof footwear is advisable.  Open toed footwear or heels of any kind ARE NOT permitted, and you will not be allowed to board the aircraft with them on. So be sure to bring alternate footwear the day of your flight.

Are there age or health restrictions?
There are no concrete restrictions based on age.  We do require all passengers to be at least 48” tall, be able to climb into & out of the basket unassisted, and be able to stand unassisted for up to 3 hours.  Our balloon adventures are not recommended for those who may be pregnant, persons with osteoporosis or have had recent trauma or surgery.  People taking blood thinners need to be aware that it's possible to get bumped or bruised on the landing.

What can I bring aloft?
Cameras and video cameras are permitted aloft but CT Ballooning assumes NO liability for them.  Food & beverages are not permitted.  Purses and other bags should be stored securely in your vehicle and cell phone use during the flight is limited to picture taking only.

Can I help?
Yes you may, and we encourage it!!  Passengers will often help in both the set up and pack up of the balloon to make their adventure interactive.  It can enhance your appreciation of our operations and may even lead to your joining our sport. 

Are gratuities for the GROUND TEAM appropriate?

Gratuities are always appreciated but not expected - it is completely up to you.